LATEST NEWS (4/4/2022)

  •  04/04/2022: The fertilizing/weed control season has begun! We are excited for this season. We hope Mother Nature will be good to us to maximize the quality of your turf. Let's begin with the common questions we get every spring and how we handle it...

    • Gary, my neighbor was fertilized yesterday. When will you be by to fertilize my lawn?

      We are out every day during the week. We don't want to put the fertilizer down too soon, because the first application has crabgrass control in it. We don't want that product to wash through the soil profile before it can do its job. The crabgrass control’s job is to kill any germinating crabgrass plants.

    • Gary, I’d like to plant grass seed but you have already applied the first application, now when should I plant it?

      Wait to plant grass seed until June!! The crabgrass control does not differentiate between grass and crabgrass.

    • Gary, I think I already have crabgrass!

      OK, let's look at the biology of crabgrass. It takes a soil temperature of 55 degrees (not air temperature) at a depth of 3 inches for 3 days for crabgrass to germinate. We won't reach that criteria for at least another couple weeks. Plus, our product will kill crabgrass up to the three leaflet stage, so we have plenty of time to address crabgrass.

      What people see in the spring, that they often mistake for crabgrass is tall fescue. Tall fescue has a wide leaf blade and a deep root system. It is usually the first grass variety to grow in the spring. It takes a while for the other grass varieties to catch up. When they do, tall fescue will be less dominant in your lawn.

    • You fertilized my yard, but I still have lots of weeds!

      Excellent! The first application is fertilizer with a product to kill any germinating crabgrass. The second application (weed spray) is the product that will take care of all of your broadleaf weeds, including dandelions, clover, creeping charlie, etc.. It is a contact spray, so we wait until they come out to spray them.

I hope this information helps! Please email if you have any further questions!

Have a great spring!

Gary and Katie