LATEST NEWS (1/2/2022)

  • Happy New Year!

    We will be sending contracts out in January. Please know that we book up very quickly every year … usually by early Spring. We limit how many accounts we take, so we can perform quality work that all expect from us. With that said, if you have friends or family looking for a fertilizing and weed control service, please have them contact us ASAP. Email works best –

    Think Spring!

    Katie and Gary

  • The end of the season is almost upon us! We have experienced an unusually wet and warm October, leading to perfect growing conditions for the turf. We are starting to get morning frosts which will slow down the turf. Instead of putting energy into flush growth, it will begin to put that energy into improving the root system. This final winterizer application will give the turf a great boost to develop a healthy root system. Remember that the air temperature has very little to do with the ground temperature. It will be 8 to 10 weeks before the turf goes dormant. The soil temperatures are still very warm. The turf will be building its reserves and continue putting energy into the root system.

    If you have any rough or weak areas in your turf, now is the time to put down some QUALITY grass seed so it still can germinate this fall, giving it a head start for next year. If your lawn was aerated and overseeded – don’t be afraid to continue watering!!

    Thank you to all of our customers for an excellent season. We look forward to working with you next season. Please be on the lookout for your 2022 season contract in February. Have a safe and happy winter!

    Gary and Katie

  • The summer of 2021 will go down as the second hottest summer on record. This summer we had 21 days with temps in the 90's. The lawns held tough, but they did take a beating. We are seeing everything from grub damage, rust, chinch bugs, sod web worm, and various fungus issues. We have been keeping an eye on our customers’ lawns. If we see anything that needs attention, we will be sure to let you know. This summer the weed that we have seen the most of has been sprunge. A tiny rooted weed that spreads like an umbrella, most often found on the edges of walk ways. See photo.

    We are currently on Round #4, which is a broadleaf weed spray. We will get all those weeds that germinated over the summer, with the goal to have weed free lawns come next spring. Removing those weeds will also allow the turf to thrive as we enter into the fall season. We are entering a great time of the year for the lawns to recover. We hope for good moisture this fall as the turf further develops a robust root system!

    Have a great early fall!

    Gary and Katie

Gary, I know you just started Round #3. What can I expect on this round?

  • This round is a straight fertilizer. The product we are using is 100% slow release.

    What does that mean? It means the product will stay dormant until exposed to moisture (rain, dew, etc.) With infrequent water during the summer months, we want the fertilizer available when necessary.

    We also will be doing spot spraying for any weeds that may have germinated since your last application. Being on your lawn also helps us to be proactive if we see any issues such as fungus, grubs, poor mowing habits, etc.

    We will update the Latest News if we see anything that needs to be brought to your attention.

5/1/2021: Gary, I have lots of weeds in my yard!  What should I do?

  • Excellent!  For our new customers, we expect you to have a lot of weeds!  We will be applying Round #2 for all of our new customers first. This is the application that kills broadleaf weeds.  The weeds need to be out to be killed.  It is a contact spray.  We wait a little longer to be sure we will get new weeds that have not germinated yet. 

Customers who have been with us for at least a year, you may have some weeds, but with the second weed spray we did in the fall (Round #4) you should have very limited weeds this early in the season. 

Didn't Round #1 take care of my weeds? 

  • No.  Round #1 is just a fertilizer with crabgrass control.  It will have zero effect on the broad leaf weeds in your turf.

Should I pull the weeds until you get to my lawn? 

  • Absolutely not!  The chemical that kills the weeds is a contact spray.  If the weed is not physically present, the chemical cannot do its job.

Can I cut the grass after this Round #2 application? 

  • Please wait 24 hours after this application to cut the grass.  The plant needs a little time to take up the chemical to be effective.

Should I water the grass after the broadleaf weed spray / Round #2? 

  • No.  Watering the grass will wash the chemical off.  We want the plant to absorb the chemical. 

After Round #2 was applied, it started to rain.  Will it still kill the weeds? 

  • We do our very best to watch the weather and NOT apply Round #2 if it is going to rain right after the application.  It does take the plant some time to absorb the chemical.

Can pets or children be on the lawn after this application? 

  • Per the label, all pets should stay off the lawn until sunset the following day.

When will you be starting Round #2? 

  • We will be starting the first week in May.  While you may have lots of weeds in your turf, many weeds are from last year.  We want to make sure that this year’s "crop" has germinated and we get them along with last year’s weeds.

3/29/2021: The fertilizing/weed control season has begun!  We are excited for this season.  We hope Mother Nature will be good to us to maximize the quality of your turf.  Let's begin with the common questions we get every spring and how we handle it... 

  • Gary, my neighbor was fertilized yesterday.  When will you be by to fertilize my lawn?   

We are out every day during the week.  We don't want to put the fertilizer down too soon, because the first application has crabgrass control in it.  We don't want that product to wash through the soil profile before it can do its job.  That job is to kill any germinating crabgrass plants. 

  • Gary, I think I already have crabgrass! 

OK, let's look at the biology of crabgrass.  It takes a soil temperature of 55 degrees (not air temperature) at a depth of 3 inches for 3 days for crabgrass to germinate.  We won't reach that criteria for at least another couple weeks.  Plus, our product will kill crabgrass up to the three leaflet stage, so we have plenty of time to address crabgrass. 

What people see in the spring, that they often mistake for crabgrass is tall fescue.  Tall fescue has a wide leaf blade and a deep root system.  It is usually the first grass variety to grow in the spring.  It takes a while for the other grass varieties to catch up.  When they do, tall fescue will be less dominant in your lawn. 

  • You fertilized my yard, but I still have lots of weeds! 

Excellent!  The first application is fertilizer with a product to kill any germinating crabgrass.  The second application (weed spray) is the product that will take care of all of your broadleaf weeds, including dandelions, clover, creeping charlie, etc..  It is a contact spray, so we wait until they come out to spray them. 

I hope this information helps!  Please email if you have any further questions! 

Have a great spring! 

Gary and Katie


  • Gary, the snow just melted in my yard and I have a lot of gray and brown patches that were not there before it snowed.  What happened? 

What we are seeing on the lawns right now is Gray Snow Mold.  When conditions are just right (an extended period of snow cover) we likely will see the fungus “Snow Mold.”  This winter we had 68 days of snow cover.  But, no worries!  After we get some rain and some heat into the ground, the fungus will disappear. 

  • I can't wait that long.  What can I do to help it along? 

If that is the case, feel free to LIGHTLY rake the turf.  This will help air out the turf and break up the snow mold, as well as get rid of the "matted look." 

  • What about the "trails" in the turf left behind from the voles and field mice? 

Treat it the same way as snow mold.  LIGHTLY rake the turf.  You will rake out the dead crown of the turf.  Keep an eye on it.  You’ll notice this will be the area that greens up first in the next couple weeks!


1/17/2021: 2021 marks the 24th anniversary of LakeCountry LawnCare!  Starting in 1997, we began our business with the hope of providing our customers with quality landscape maintenance services.  We strive every day to attain that goal.

This season marks a pivot from landscape maintenance services to lawn care (i.e. turf care).  We have decided to concentrate our services on fertilization, weed control, aeration, and grub control.  Gary will be performing all of the services so you can rest assured that your lawn care will be completed by the owner of the company!

Please feel free to refer us to your friends, family, and neighbors.  We do limited advertising.  A referral is the biggest compliment you can give us.

Please visit our website often.  We will do our best to update our Latest News on a regular basis to keep you informed with all the things that are affecting your turf. 

Think Spring!

Gary and Katie